1. Dear Sven-Olof…

        I wrote “insurance company.” I mentioned nothing about the National Health Service. Here in the US insurance companies often impose restrictions on business owners as a precondition to providing liability insurance. But even so, my remark was made largely tongue-in-cheek.

        In my 35 years of woodworking experience I’ve never seen anyone wearing a face shield and respirator while using a band saw. I thought he looked funny doing so. I’m also confident Paul can take a little ribbing now-and then.

        Kindest regards
        JD Katz

        1. Yes ok but Paul does not live in America.
          Many people here in UK take our NHS for granted as it’s free , by not taking care of themselves
          I have a band saw and when using it without any form of dust mask my nostrils become clogged ( grotty but fact)
          Yes Paul’s dust mask does nothing for his ‘street cred’ but he is wise to use one. I know of at least one very skilled furniture maker dying of cancer through inhaling dust, as you said, “for 35 years”….so you are lucky

        2. Dear JD,

          WWMC is a business, most aware of its bread being buttered on the transatlantic side, so you are of course right: there will be insurances, the providers of which are bound to impose quite a lot…


        3. I thought your comment was very much tounge in cheek. Paul had mentioned in other videos where he is turning a Nd sanding a handle that he should be wearing a dusk mask. He doesn’t because it is too hard to talk to the viewing audience wearing one. Which I appreciate him doing. I too worry a bit aboutvhischealth0 b3cause for the majority of his working life he wouldnt have been using a respirator at all. At times hecis working and get a distinct cough going which I take as the dust irritating the back of his throat. Being a retired Hospital trained General Nurse, I have looked after enough people to pick up on such coughs as a cause for some concern over his chest health. But remember he is 73 now so not doing so bad is he?

    1. If you have a beard, dust masks and respirators do not form a seal that keeps dust from drawing in around the mask. Devices like the one Paul is wearing aim at addressing this.

  1. Thanks Paul. One part of the video I especially liked was the spokeshave instruction. It seemed to me you provided some new nuggets of info. You had mentioned advancing the blade so it could reach down further when the front and back of the spoke were touching on curve. If you are ever looking for YouTube content to expand tool useage, the spokeshave section in this video would be a candidate.

    I also found it handy how you elaborated on how to do the stop cut method for the inside curve. I wouldn’t have thought about making straight cuts there as well to remove the bulk of the material.

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