1. Paul,

    Have you ever thought about using a toggle clamp while planing. Not that it takes that long to remove and replace the bar clamps you use anyway. Just a thought, but was curious about your thoughts since you are big on economy of time.

    Always Learning,

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for your holiday videos. I look forward to them every year. Last year I had my two grandsons in the shop with me. This year a friend and I are running a batch of these coasters to give our families as gifts.

    Happy holidays

  3. I finally got a chance to watch this video in it’s entirety, every time for the last couple Day’s I had to stop. Paul I really like this project and plan on making several of these for sure, great gift’s my ( 2 ) Grown kids have placed their order’s all ready LOL.

    Thanks again for another great project.


  4. Really like this and it’s what I’m doing next for Christmas presents!

    For those of us without the long-jawed clamps, how about using double-sided tape to hold the pieces in to the jig for removing the corners? Would that be an acceptable alternative?

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