1. Thank you Paul. From your videos I have a pretty good feeling for the desired fit. How loose is too loose in a mortise and tennon fit where you would no longer want to rely upon glue? How would you fix it?

    1. Hi,

      Paul says:
      If a tenon is too loose, it’s best to replace the part. If that’s not possible, you can thicken the tenon by simply gluing another piece of wood to the tenon and recutting it. I do prefer that both walls make good contact, some woods will allow a tenon to be slightly fatter than the opening because of the compressibility of the wood in both the mortise piece and tenon piece. Knowing your wood is paramount. That comes by experience and I can’t give you that.

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  2. Here’s a question that is bothering me just a bit. Why did Paul make the mortises/tenons different depths/lengths? The top mortises were 1&1/4 inch deep, the bottom mortises were 1 inch deep, with corresponding lengths of the tenons. But I don’t see Why they couldn’t all be the same, perhaps all 1&1/4?

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