Desk Chair: Episode 4

Desk Chair Episode 4 Keyframe

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We are really excited to introduce you to some bent laminations in this project. In this episode, Paul shows how to take three thin strips and turn them into a super-strong, curved slat for the seat and back of the chair. Then Paul uses the curved slat to lay out the curve for the front and back apron and the angle for the top of the side aprons, which he then cuts to follow the lines.

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  1. jakegevorgian on 12 September 2019 at 8:20 am

    Very beautiful chair you’re making, Paul.

    Back in the days when my dad was running the shop, we used to make large arched profiled moulding for architectural woodwork. We used this lamination method too, but we had a gluer pot for the glue up. As for the clamping, we had a few dozen of C clamps with the handles cut off and welded nuts instead, so a socket wrench or a driver would drive those clamps in fast. Some of the C clamps even got bent! That’s how much tension it had. One thing, that we made sure to keep was the grain indexation…that way the moulding looked like one piece of wood with continued grain.

    Thanks for these masterclasses. There is so much good education in here that if anyone dropped their work and kept repeating what you make, at the end of the day we would have a great craftsman in wood.

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