1. Thanks Paul. This is some of my favorite work to do on a project. I can see on this one, I will definitely need to mark with pencils where the various bevels and curves go so I don’t put them in the wrong place.

    I like the saw lines in the chair. It does however, make me want to do some scratch stock work to put them in just because I have enjoyed the few times I’ve done scratch work.

  2. Hi Paul, When you are sawing that bead with the jig and trying to go around the dogleg, could you have also used your “poor man’s beading tool that we used on the clock to start the bead? In that case it seems it would have followed the edge. I guess you would have needed to deepen it with the saw as we did in the clock, so perhaps that is why you just went straight for the saw? Just wondering out loud.

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