1. While watching the project progress, I was wondering how the cabinet was going to be mounted to the wall. I have almost caught up to the sessions (I am now only one week behind). I should have the door frames completed in the next day or 2.

    I am trying to avoid having the carcass getting marred up. So I would like to get the cabinet mounted to the wall to get it out of the way (and get a leg up on mounting it.

    It would appear that the majority of the work remaining is to parts not related to the carcass.

    This is the project I have been waiting for!


  2. I noticed Paul used three different tools for measuring – a tape, a square and a rule. I was always led to believe you should use only one so as to eliminate discrepancies that probably exist between tools. Any comment?

    1. I noticed that the measuring Paul was doing was basically comparing one measurement with another and the comparisons were always tape to tape or rule to rule. For example when he was measuring for parallel and square, he was comparing measurements from the tape and when he was centering the piece he was comparing rule to rule. The absolute lengths were not measured, but were marked from the frame itself.

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