1. Can’t claim much credit here. Joseph heads up all the filming and editing and makes me look good. I am glad that you are all enjoying this. Soon we will be tackling the bigger projects but we must go through this first.
      I don’t want to leave anyone behind. Remember too that you guys are paving the way for others that will come along later. As we grow in our experience we become more proficient to help others. Real woodworking at its best.

  1. Thank You, these Boxes look to be fun projects that I need to start, my Daughter needs a few for her Classroom. Another outstanding Video. Paul you make it look so simple, really like your approach.


  2. To throw in my two cents about sharp tools, when I worked as a cook my head chef told me something that will stay with me to the grave. “baring stupidity you will never cut your self with a sharp knife, but a dull knife is an accident waiting to happen.” Ever slice, nick and cut that I got working there was from trying to force a a dull knife to do something a sharp knife would have done with ease. I learned quickly that 30 seconds to sharpen your knife is more convenient then a 3+ hour wait in the ER and a $100 bill.

    1. He explains it at the 29:30 mark. When the plane doesn’t catch the middle it means there is a hollow and you can use the technique to elevate the middle so that you can plane it.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Hi, I’ve watched a bunch of Paul’s videos, but I don’t think I’ve heard him mention which mallet he uses. Please, can someone point me toward the mallet Paul uses? I’ve seen some online very similar, but none with different hardnesses as he has.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Paul (& team),

    Great videos and really useful but I can’t find them on your YouTube channel. Is there anyway episodes 4-8 could be uploaded so I can continue to develop my dovetail box making.

    Many Thanks


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