1. Not sure it’ll be ideal for that application, given the slope to the two planks and the hole between them. Maybe look at Paul’s other stool designs?

      Nonetheless I’m pretty sure you could make it strong enough, if you use oak for the laminations and perhaps add an extra lamination to the thickness.

      1. Peter- I would think that if you stood somewhat near the legs whilst going up and down from height the build would be more than sufficient. If you think you might have doubts, I’m sure that a friend or relative would more than love having one. Build, test, report.

    2. @Peter Owens
      It should be possible to adapt the stability of the seat for standing on if you avoid the slope and lay the two horizontal parts out level…….. not sure what that does for the aesthetics of a piece as it’s intended as a seat.

      Ensure that the leg-splay and the loaded centre of gravity is adequate for the amount of reach when you are mounted on it.

      But, as others have said, standing-stool designs and two-level steps are also available.

  1. I don’t need one of these at all, but I don’t care. That’s such a nice looking project that I’m going to build a couple and then worry about finding a use for them afterwards. A really exciting project – can’t wait.

  2. Great design and useful project! My scrap wood bin is full ; now I put it to good use instead of in the fireplace. Plan on reducing the dimensions to a child’s size for the grandkids. Oh yes and one for myself! Thanks,Paul.

  3. Great project to learn about how minute differences in an angle can affect something. Long story short…I’ll be making another seat and laminated stretchers section since I did not “quite” get my primary leg hole angle jig lined up when I drilled it. Amazing how one corner compounds the angle mistake while the other subtracts from it. I’m not really all that upset since these mistakes are a priceless learning experience which is more important (to me at least) than had it turned out correct the in the first place.

    1. Hi Frank,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble viewing the videos. Have you tried watching these at a lower resolution? Unfortunately there are no drawings for the Handy Stool.

      Kind Regards,

  4. While waiting for some sapele to arrive to build my cabinet I gained some 35mm oak boards with a good wind over the 8ft length however cutting them to shorter lengths for making the stool reduced the task, after a week of evenings planing a face side then ripping down to thickness planing the reverse side I now have the seat boards and one bearer in the vice glued up, thicknessing the 6mm laminates and planing was also time consuming, with the effort involved to turn this piece out it will be another favoured piece in the house. Suffered some wild grain on one of the oak seat boards and have some tear out any finishing tips on dealing with this.
    I turned the board and planed from the other direction however the tear is too deep to be planed out.
    Very tempted to by a thicknesser now, will i be banned from the forum 🙂

  5. I made all the undercarriage bearers for two stools before you changed the dimensions on 15th January 2021. Thus they are 15 in. long instead of 12 3/8. Then, COVID 19 prevented me from proceeding. Can you please provide me with the original instructions for assembling the undercarriage bearers so that the stools can be completed now that I’m able to do it.
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

    Andrew Meyer
    [email protected]

  6. Hi Mr. Sellers,

    Don’t know if you will see this but I really appreciate this plan (and all of the others) as I am “self-teaching” myself woodworking and I couldn’t do it without guidance such as yours. I have now made the three legged stool and this one. My wife loves it and I am really happy with the outcome and the skills learned. I love your philosophy on woodworking and life and hope to learn and enjoy many more of your plans/blogs. Now to make hand mirrors for my wife and daughter and learn a few more skills!
    God bless,
    Dave M

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