1. Paul,
    Good to see “an old friend” show up. I recall building this piece in one of your classes in Texas more than 20 years ago. You continue to provide an invaluable service which will endure for generations. Thanks again!

    1. Cant wait to get started on this shelf been watching out for it lol..
      Going to test me out with this one hopefully ill master it..
      Thank you Paul again for all you’ve done and your crew..
      Happy Christmas n New year from Ireland ☘🎄

  2. Perfect timing! My health has finally recovered to the point where I can get back out to my shop and I really want to make that bookshelf project from January 2014. I was looking for some smaller projects to get my hand and eye back in practice and this looks just right!


    1. Yep, totally agree. I have learnt so much from Paul, and enjoy watching him work very much, but this is nothing new. At least for those that have been watching since his ‘early days’ on YouTube.

      Still,I know I’ll enjoy seeing it getting put together.

      Personally I’d love to see how to build a bespoke kitchen from the ground up. I’ve bought lots of books on the subject but they’re all coming from the perspective of ‘machine’ built cabinets, and not so much from the hand built ‘top end’ perspective.

  3. Haven’t done one of your projects yet, although a long time admirer of you craftsmanship, Mr Sellers. This one will be my first.

    My wife and I watch your videos at bedtime. My wife says your voice is soothing and helps her to fall asleep. Yes, that is meant as a compliment.

      1. Glad I’m not the only one… It isn’t that the videos are not engaging, it is the serene pace at which Paul presents the steps and teaches the techniques. Perhaps some day I’ll be skilled enough to bring that level of serenity into the shop while I’m working…

        Thank you for your wonderful lessons, Paul, and Merry Christmas!

  4. I have built 3 (1 pine and 2 poplar) of these now as gifts and folks keep asking for more. Wonderful project for learning joinery from Paul with simple tools. He emphasizes as always enjoying the process and this is a wonderful project that you can build with small amounts of wood.

  5. On the first page of the technical drawing, the sides are said to be 21.5″ long and that’s what I cut mine to. Later I find page 2 of the technical drawing says 22″, as does the Cutting List above.

    Is this an error or am I reading something wrong?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I passed your question on to Paul and he said:

      The housing dadoes are ¼” deep top and bottom, the measurement you’ve gone from is the distance between the top and bottom with no allowance for the extra ½” needed. Not to worry, it will just make your project ½” shorter.

      Kind Regards,

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