1. I am so grateful to you Paul, I spend literally hours at my bench, never seeming to get round to making any of your superb pieces.

    My level of skill, with sharp tools, has increased far far beyond that prior to your teaching………I could go on but will just say again thank you.

    Regards John 2vices

  2. Such a little project, BUT, one that I’m going to get a lot of use out of! My mom, 97, has a lot of tea cups and saucers that she has in a closet and wants on a wall. I really like learning all the different ways of joining wood.

    All your projects so far are things I’m working on or will be making for use in our house. Including all the different style tables. I’m totally fascinated with your teachings.

    So, big projects are cool, but little ones have their place in life too.

    Big thanks, Gary

  3. Hi,

    What should be the proportion between a wall bracket and the depth of any surface that it should hold? Or should I say will those brackets be enough for a 220mm by 80mm wood surface?

    Thank You!


  4. I really love the project. Excellent. If I wanted to slope that top piece down say 10 degrees to turn it into an awning for a doorway… what joint would you recommend to replace that dovetail? (I’m guessing the dovetail only really works for a right angle)… Possibly another mortise and tenon… ?

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