1. Question on wood dimensions. I see the posts Paul has built are 1 1/2″ thickness. Rails appear to be 1″ stock. Could 3/4″ stock give the needed strength for headboard rails and mattress rails? I am asking for a few reasons. First, 1″ stock is not available here (3/4 and maybe 7/8″ are) and I don’t have a much desired bandsaw. Second I plan to downsize this bed to a twin size and perhaps double.

  2. Personally, I don’t embark on a project before having seen all the videos to gain the global picture.
    Then I look again at each video (more than once, most of the time) to see/listen to how it is precisely done and catch what knacks are used.
    So I don’t have anymore to ask myself what Paul is intending to do.
    I look again the corresponding video before doing any phase.
    It is also worth looking again, after, to see what one has missed.

  3. But, are the slats on your chairs bent or cut from the bulk? There is a huge difference. If bent, then the fibers run roughly parallel to the curved edges of the slats, but if cut from the bulk, then fibers end at the edges of the curves and this weakens them considerably. Said differently, the slats on your chair will bend under load, but ones cut from the bulk may simply break. This is why some chair components were riven. Even more than bending, riving ensures that as many fibers as possible flow along the length of the component, increasing strength.

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