1. Hello,
    As usual, Paul video are so interesting and so much informative. But in this one (because English is not my mother tongue) there is one sentence that I didn’t manage to decipher. At 13:45 he said something like “When you’r out you catch the …”. Can someone tel me what is the word I am missing? Thank you for your help


  2. Haunched Mortise and Tenon Joints – when to use them and when not? and What’s their purpose?
    I’ve been enjoying Paul’s Master Classes for years now… Never asked this question. I seem to recall my Grandfather (who first introduced me to hand tool wood working in the 1960s) said he used them when the Mortise was too close to the end to provide strength if the joint received racking pressure. Thoughts?

  3. I think Paul once said something about a structural benefit if only I could remember what it was! Seems like a cosmetic benefit is that if the stile shrinks over time, the haunch could prevent the resulting gap at the tenon shoulder from being full door thickness.

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