1. I don’t think that I could bring myself to lay veneer over genuine mahogany, especially vintage. I understand here in Paul’s case that the wood is free & was destined to the landfill. I also realize the boards are pretty narrow, have nail holes & other defects plus the design scheme of Seller’s Home is mostly oak & cherry pieces with walnut accents & a handful of other woods here & there.
    I would be delighted to find some free genuine mahogany & would have used pine or poplar for the core wood. Maybe if the mahogany “skeleton” was allowed to show through in some aspect of the design I would feel more warranted using it as the core wood. It’s just too wonderful/beautiful of a wood to not be seen, imo.
    Great video, series & craftsmanship as always & awesome job as always by the WWMC team. Thanks guys.

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