1. Well, oopsy. 2-1/4 + 1/8 = 2-3/8”. This is a perfect illustration why using metric can help to avoid these kind of errors adding and subtracting fractions. Here in America, mention metric and it terrorizes people. The big box stores don’t even carry metric tape measures anymore.

  2. Towards the end, it appears there was a shoulder on a rail that was off, and Paul moved it maybe a 32nd”. Nice to see that correction, as I have done that more times than I care to admit. Presumably the shoulder on the other rail was also moved to keep it all square. I really appreciate you showing that.

  3. Thanks Paul. My favorite tool for getting the severed bits out of a mortise is my bird cage awl. I find lots of uses for it. Also good for picking any debris out of where two edges of wood meet such as in the tenon corner or bottom of dovetails.

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