1. I’ve been a subscriber since the very beginning of WWMC. Have seen many imitators crop up since — many pretenders. Must say though, you are still the best Mr. Sellers. Such a delight and learning experience every week.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Around the 22-1/2 min mark you are sizing the length of the back drawer. I’ve seen some folks advocate making the back length slightly smaller in length (say by 1/16″). That way, there is a slight taper to the drawer making it a bit easier to fit into the opening. What are your thoughts on this?

    Also, you had mentioned on some drawers you have used a through wedged tenon in the housing dado. Sounds like it is when you may need more strength in a drawer. What kind of scenarios do you have in mind for when you might transition to this more stout construction in the back?

    Many thanks for another wonderful video.

    1. I would be interested to hear Paul’s thoughts on these points as well.

      Personally, when I do a drawer I use the through tenon. Somehow, just using the housing dado doesn’t seem like it will last as long to me.

      Best regards


  3. Another great video, Paul! I recently completed a several months long course on furniture making, largely using machines. The skills I’ve learned from your projects over the past several years (and I’ve watched countless hours of them) keep returning me to my hand tools, though. I learn something new with every episode. Keep them coming, and thanks for what you do. I intend to pass my knowledge on to my grandchildren, with the hope that they will ultimately take up the trade. Cheers!

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