1. Ian, just in cast you didn’t know this, the following is how to remove PVA (Titebond & other brands) from clothing & clamps—I learned this from a Titebond’s senior chemist while attending a class on “Everything you need to know about wood glue.”

      Mix together:
      1/3 water
      1/3 acetone
      1/3 distilled white vinegar

      For clothes: wet the area and using a nylon or regular toothbrush, gently scrub. This will reverse the glue’s chemistry and wash as normal. However, this MUST be done prior to the clothing item going through a clothes dryer cycle. Once cloth item has gone through the dryer, the glue is permanent and cannot be removed.

      Clamps: wet the area where the dried glue is and loosely wrap in plastic wrap—the kind you’d use to cover food in a bowl. Wait approximately 15 minutes, the scrub as needed using a nylon or brass toothbrush. Repeat as necessary…I’ve also had to use a putty knife to clean up decades of abused clamps at a maker-space. Then wipe off the residue with a paper towel. Once the clamp is clean, apply a coat of paste wax which will prevent future glue from adhering to the clamp.

      I hope this helps,

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