1. Hi Paul,
    On this project and a few others, I’ve noticed you using the common dovetail and then putting a face on the drawer front. The other approach is half blinds for the front. Outside of personal preference, are there other reasons dictating one approach vs. the other? Just curious. Many thanks.

    1. Drawer sides are not always flush with the front-board ends.
      See bed-side cabinet for instance where it is a design choice (to be coherent with the door’s suspension design).
      On the contrary, on the drinks cabinet, the door suspension is different and the drawer follows the door suspension design.

      With ball bearing slides, the flush ends are not really an option. (Although with thick drawer sides, it might be possible to have the slides hidden in a dado. Unnecessary complication in my view)

    2. I asked Paul and his reply is below:

      Yes, the overlaid front makes everything align better with the doors. I can have doors that go full width and that minimises the number of dark/shadow lines and makes the overall appearance much simpler.

      1. Thanks Katrina. Makes so much sense. By application of an overlaid front, the drawer depth and where it stops has been sorted out. Then, just a matter of making the overlaid to the proper dimension. I’ve noticed that full sized drawers and doors have a way of “shrinking” when you make them. What Paul is doing simplifies a number of things.

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