1. Thanks Paul. Enjoying the series. Need something in our guest bedroom that is a cross between this and a dresser due to space constraints. Will be fun to design something that fits the space and functionality that is needed.

    I do have one question. On the rails that will hold the drawers and shelves, I noticed you predrilled for rails but not into the side pieces. Did you test this to see if there was a risk of splitting on the parts that weren’t pre-drilled. Is there a general guidance you can give on when you do and don’t need to pre-drill? I just pre-drill to avoid a split but it would be nice to know when I must vs. may not need to.

    1. I asked Paul and his reply is below:

      Mostly it’s to do with the length of wood beyond the hole. If it’s at the end of a piece of wood it will split easily. There is no prescriptive distance because some woods will split more readily than others.

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