1. The quality of the video just keeps getting better! And the editing makes me feel as if I’m just hanging around your shop watching you work. Great job. Btw, the content has always been there, these things just enhance it.

  2. Thanks Paul. A good practical workout for sure. My grandmother lived next door to us growing up and I moved in as she got older. I have no doubt part of what kept her fit was some of the around the house things she did for me. In her mid-90s we had some conflicts to work out (I had gone away for schooling and had moved back home) in that I knew she couldn’t do all the things she used to. We worked it out where she had some things and I happily did the rest. Now in my mid-50s, I have realized that you need to keep moving and doing things so that you can. You can’t just lay about all day.

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