1. Paul,

    Another great project. As some people say its simple but that’s also part of the beauty. Very much enjoying how the camera work has changed over the various projects.

    Keep up the great work paul and the team.

  2. Paul and Team ,
    I really enjoyed this . I have used several of the methods Paul demonstrated on a smaller shelf and it is working out very nicely . Is it possible to get a bit more information on the finish that was used ? Type of paint ? Type of varnish ? Mix ratio ? And agree with Paul Bowes on the great camera work and overall production quality ..

  3. I was surprised there wasn’t much instruction on making the plugs. How would one do it without the machine (was that a drill-presss?) and/or is there an attachment for a power drill? Is it mentioned maybe in a past project? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello,
    I’m making a much smaller version of this for my child, but chances are that I need to assemble it straight in my living room. I’m not sure I can tranfert it from myshop: I have a very small car.
    My bookshelf will be:
    – cm 40x150x35
    – will have a back in plywood
    – will have movable shelves

    Basically it will be a more beautiful version of an Ikea Billy. What should I take in account if I don’t glue and use screws only at top and kickboard? Will it be stable enough?
    Any suggestion would be precious. Thanks.

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