1. Hi Chris,
      It can be a bit more fiddly to do this with pieces of a different size. The only other thing is to look at what Paul does at 10:45. There shouldn’t be any changes since cutting the mortise and tenons but this makes sure.
      Does that make sense?

  1. Hi to you all!

    Is there a reference (in case I missed) in the video or the blog post about those types of hinges (like the name, or what to look for in those hinges)?

    The reason i’m asking Its the 1st time I saw such hinges.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Not sure if I’m missing something but the cutting list shows 9½” for the mortise pieces and the drawing shows a finished width of 8½”. When Paul lays out the mortise piece he comes in ¼” at each end which would result in a finished length of 9″?

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