1. Philip,

        Thanks for the response but I am looking for information on the other hinges that are used to connect the drop down frame to the back frame top rail. Thanks for the help,

  1. The trestle hinges I bought look very similar to Paul’s.
    I tried following Paul’s video to fit the hinges. I’m not sure what I did wrong but I ended up with the plane of the top step about two inches above the top rail of the back frame. So I started over. This way was easier for me to see what was going on.

    1.I held the front and back together manually so the tops met properly ( just like they should when the ladder is open).

    2.Then l slid the back up and down until a straight edge on the top step just touched the top rail of the back frame. Clamping a 2×2 wood block to the back leg made it easier to use a second clamp to keep the front and back from shifting. Then I made marks on the back leg where the side stile met the leg.

    3. I Made a template like Paul’s.

    4. I clamped the hinge to the back leg where I thought it should be. Then holding the template to the marks I made on the back leg, I clamped the fully opened hinge to the template. Then I tried to close the hinge. On my first several attempts, the side stile would hit the back leg as it closed. By shifting the clamp farther down the back leg, then repositioning the template back to the marks, I was finally able to close the hinge without the side stile hitting the back leg. I ended up with about a 1/4″ gap between the side stile and the back leg when the hinge is closed. But my hinge is now, as Paul would say, “spot on”.

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