1. Hi Paul

    Excellent video as always, some helpful tips in this one.

    On a side note, I’ve noticed in your recent videos you’ve been using some new sash clamps. Can I ask who your supplier is for these? Thanks

      1. That link is to a completely different clamp. Paul talks about his here https://paulsellers.com/2011/11/4473/. The brand can be seen on this video and is Hilka. I can’t find exact equivalents on sale now but the closest Axminster offering would be these http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-trade-clamps-aluminium-sash-clamp-ax945389. I suspect that the attraction of that style (and the Hilkas) is their light weight and the speed of adjustment of the latched head. Mine have steel bars and a pinned head and they are heavy and awkward. However I don’t use them often enough to justify getting the aluminium versions.

  2. Thanks again, Paul. Not sure why I’m so hesitant to jump into frame and panel joinery. I’ve done grooves, and I’ve hand cut mortise and tenons on table aprons before. Guess it’s time to follow your excellent guidance and just go for it. I still struggle with the usefulness of haunches, but I always use them anyway. Your episode 10 instructions, as always, doesn’t seem to have left anything out.

    1. I guess it’s what Paul talked about at the beginning. The frames gives added rigidity to the cabinet. Thick plywood would probably be OK. In fact nothing would be needed if you fixed the cabinet frame directly to a solid wall

    2. George,
      The frame, I suspect is there for a couple of reasons – Paul already mentioned when he was discussing the small dividing panel that it was not Strictly necessary, but he said to view the whole piece as a Training Exercise. Also aesthetically, the frame and panel back is more pleasing to the eye, it will be seen when the tool cupboard is open. Paul also said it would be well to think of the tool cupboard as an Apprentice Piece and also as an advertisement for the quality of your workmanship – Hence the frame and panel over solid plywood for the back

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