1. the day I work more accurate than Paul sellers (as he supposes in this video) will probably be the day after my lotto numbers come in (and that’s 45 million -one against) if this project would fail an exam where is the hope for any of us,

    1. Hi guys,
      here’s the link to Paul’s Blog regarding the knife

      If there is anyone who hasn’t checked his blog recently, his latest entry’s are about the move of the whole school and family from North Wales to Oxfordshire in southern England.
      I’m guessing that’s why there has been no reply to questions so far this week.
      (I’m a little concerned for that panel, now that it doesn’t live in a climate controlled castle!!)

  2. Another great video – thanks Paul.

    A couple of questions:

    1. If the panel had ended up slightly proud of the frame would you plane and/or scrape it flush in place, or would you plane it separately and then scrape once glued?

    2. In terms of using a rebate plane across end grain, if you had a really wide panel (wider than the length of the saw) how would you approach it? Perhaps a knife wall without sawing then use the rebate plane?

  3. I know this shelf is designed to incorporate new woodworking techniques, but other than that I see no reason for the over complication, since it will expand at the same rate as the case sides. Or did I miss something? This seems like a LOT of work compared to planing a simple board.

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