12 comments on “Tool Drawer Organiser: Episode 2

    • Hi,

      Paul says:
      No particular reason, except we are using this as a training project as with all our projects. This is not a joint we have demonstrated before and the project was ideal.

      Kind Regards,

  1. Not a question but more of a comment: I wish Paul would go over the complete layout, rather than say the other one is done the same (I’m speaking about the last couple minutes where he lays out the tenon side walls)… I’m dense and seeing is knowing!

      • It does provided it’s *exactly* the same.

        I wondered if there’s a more accurate way to make the first horizontal knife wall for the second mortise hole, to ensure the separating rail is precisely horizontal – i.e. some way to square across the marching knifewall from the other side. I guess there isn’t, so you just do the same process being careful to measure accurately!

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