1. I am excited about this project! A year or so ago I built large toolbox on wheels to hold all my old hand tools. Having well over 100 dovetails it was a perfect build to hone my dovetailing technique. It is still, however, a bit too small to hold all my stuff. So this toolbox will help with that. I can toss a jack plane and a couple block planes in it as well as most of my layout tools. Nice!

    Thanks Paul!

  2. This is a great project on so many levels. A wide range of skills for us to learn or hone, but it is especially enjoyable hearing you speak of the memories it conjures up for you. A question I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time: who performs your music? This episode’s musical accompaniment is lovely. Thank-you for everything.

  3. Hello all-

    This is another project I have been looking forward to. As always, great explanations and demonstrations. Camera angles are also excellent.

    One question I have had for a long time time is, what material is on the “surface” of the mortising guide. I was thinking of using some copper. Would that work?

    — Steven.

    1. Hi Steven,

      Pau says:
      You can use metal I have used metal in the past steel works fine. On my saw guide I used an old serving tray which is made from plastic laminate. It seems to be holding up very well. Oh, I have also used brass door plates and that has worked fine too.


  4. You could use a laminate faced material – it should work OK.

    I recall a video of the making of this type of jig some years ago when Paul was based in Penrhyn Castle where he used a brass plate cut into smaller sections – the sort of thing sold as a door finger-plate.

    You only need to face these jigs for repeated use. Quick 0ne-offs could be made of ordinary plywood.

  5. I have watched nearly all of your videos and I have to say I learn something new from every video, the way you address different species of wood or the way you skew a blade, all of it is invaluable knowledge. Thank you so much for making woodworking accessible to the whole world. I look forward to this project and I love that it brings back fond memories for you.

  6. As I was building the door and rear panels I realized there is a slight difference between them to consider. Paul suggested making them 1/16” longer than the box’s 19 1/2” so they can be planed down to fit the box. The door panel’s height doesn’t need to be slightly increased because you can just adjust the width of the front hinge rail if necessary. But you don’t have that luxury with the rear panel so you need to add the 1/16” to its height also.

  7. As I was watching this episode I noticed what I believed to be the plywood bench you built…is this indeed the bench in this video?
    And if so, how do you find it to work on in comparison with the 2×4 version you built?
    Thanks in advance.

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