1. Joseph,
      Where would I go for the download of episode 4? I’m putting these on my iPad to work from when I do the project (my first ever all hand tools woodworking project.) I have episodes1-3.
      Joe in Eutawville,SC

  1. When doing raised panels, I was taught they are supposed to be loose so when the panel expanded, they had room. And if you needed to keep them centered, use “space balls” to absorb the expansion.

    Are your panels loose enough for this expansion or is the problem overstated?

  2. Completed my raised panel. Attempted to raise the back first (figured it be a good place to practice) with it standing up in my vise, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. Laid it flat on the table between two stops and had much greater success. I was able to maintain an even plane and could easily watch both lines and the progress of the cuts.

  3. I know I am running a little behind on projects and this one is teaching me some very good techniques. But I have a very serious question for Paul. I’m from Georgia in the southeast US and I was wondering if Iced Sweet Tea works?

  4. Wonderful! I had been searching every since I became interested in woodworking with hand tools for an affordable antique panel raising plane. I never realized that I could perform that task with my Stanley #4!….. And, Sandy, I’m a native Texan (though I now live in Wyoming) and I can assure you: ICED SWEET TEA IS WONDERFUL!

  5. Tried watching the video online because it cannot be download yet. I gave up. It is just too choppy. I will wait till the download is available. Like everyone else, I love Mr. Seller’s website. It has convinced me (novice) to try using hand tools. Since I didn’t have any it is taking me a while to amass them. The recommend tools are not always available on Ebay or available through used tool sellers (are reasonable prices). It is amazing how expensive the old tools are on some sites. I don’t mind restoring the ones I purchased as it gives me a chance to learn the ins and outs of the tools. I have Mr. Seller’s books and DVDs. The special effects on them drive me crazy. The videos here are much better as they are not “Hollywooded up.”

  6. If you Brits had kept all that tea in England, who knows? We might have never had any woodworking here at all, “real” or not! Hilarious joke, wonderful knowledge, thank you so much Mr. Sellers!

  7. I haven’t started work on the Wallclock Project but wanted to go though the whole project first but I seem to come to an end with episode 4. Where can I find episode 5 and more if there are some.
    Loved what I have seen so far. Paul your the best!


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