1. love all your videos. Just a suggestion, maybe add CC to your videos, i most of them on a computer with no speakers. So to be able to read what Paul is saying would be nice. Also it might help if you have any hearing impaired viewers.

    Thank you, and i have learned a ton from Paul and your videos.

  2. I am at the back rail stage and working through the drawings along with the video. I see on the diagram there is a 3/16” relief cut on the panel groove edge of the rails. Yet, this is not executed in the video. I’m going with the video version for simplicity sake. Just wondering if there was an advantage to include this relief cut in the drawings.

    1. Hi Kurt, sorry for the delay in responding and thanks for pointing this out.

      The extra relief cut in the drawings is a mistake and will be corrected, so following the video is best. It doesn’t provide a benefit. If anyone has followed it, it wouldn’t be an issue if it was cut that way as long as the mortise is sized the same.

      Thanks, Phil

  3. Hello, I would love a clarification: why are the vertical internal stiles needed?
    I mean: it seems to me that the vertical grooves for the plywood could be cut into the cabinet sides, thus avoiding the two slender grooved stiles.
    So are they here for a styling reason or to strengthen the structure… or for what other reason?

  4. Hello,

    From drawing 3:4 it seems that grooves into the cabinet sides are fully feasible, but they would have to be of the stopped type. Through grooves, I believe, would remove 3/16″ of the posterior mortice walls by the 1/8″ width of the groove.

    I might of course be woefully wrong on this.

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