1. To be honest I was like this at the beginning .i thought I needed every saw . I have it broken down to 3 which I find covers every task . A 20″ panel saw rip. 10″ tenon rip. And either a gent saw or a Japanese fine tooth disposable which I love you will not believe how long these stay sharp. Unless you have you saw sharpening technique down which I must admit I struggle with I would limit my saws . I feel owning all the sawsheld me back to be honest .to me saw sharpening is an art .and the is nothing worse than a dull saw or a saw that gets caught in the cut .hope this helps

  1. I love all of the projects and have been busy trying to keep up. However, I have to admit to being a little surprised at the wire – was there no little woodworking technique that could be employed instead?

    This isn’t a negative comment – just a little surprised that’s all.

  2. Measuring the shelf spacing as shown does not result in equal spacing. I’m unsure if this was intended. For equal spacing, subtract from the total space the sum of shelf thicknesses, then divide, and add back half a shelf thickness for a center line.

    For example, if the space was 21″ and the 2 shelves were 3/4″ thick. The method shown would produce unequal spacings of 6-5/8″, 6-1/4″, 6-5/8″. Whereas (21″ – 2×3/4″) / 3 = 6-1/2″ equal spacing.

    PS I really like the coat hanger trick.

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