1. I find them both unneccessary and a space waster for this type of furniture. Modern slides also seem to force the you to use a front overlay which I am not fond of. As to wood rails he has used them on some designs, but as long as you can have a support web you don’t really need either.

  1. I am curious, is there a reason for the door stops to be on the bottom instead of at the top? Looks like that would be a trip hazard when removing bottles from the lower shelf?

    1. I’ve been “apprenticing” under through his videos for many years now. One of the best concepts that I have learned from him is parsimony – simple is generally better. Drawer slides actually add complexity: Side mount? Under mount? Soft close? Which slide manufacturer is best? Accounting for thickness of the slide? Slide failure?

      Nah…. All of my drawers in dressers, end tables, and cabinets are made using his methods and they slide beautifully smooth.

    2. It looks like the stops are magnetic. Given the location of the handle, which is needed for comfort, if you place them at the top of the doors, there is a chance that the door would need to twist before the magnets would release. I had that happen on one cabinet door that I made. It isn’t a problem for the cabinet, but it doesn’t feel smooth, doesn’t feel nice. The door feels springy when opening. With the magnets where Paul placed them, everything will feel taught, rigid, and smooth. Just a guess.

    3. I use a circular neodymium magnets recessed into the bottom or top of the door stiles (or both) and the opposite polarity in the cabinet frame. That way there is nothing projecting above the surfaces. The magnets never actually touch as they sit 1-2 mm apart.

  2. I truly would like to make this for the bathroom, as my autumn project. I can’t wait to see the following videos, so I can start planning the job, finding the wood and so on.
    I also would like to modify it adding a mirror between two cabinets.

  3. Love that inlaid banding on the frame! Haven’t seen that before. Looking forward to seeing this one come together. Am a little worried about a potential design flaw though: not nearly enough bourbon in there…..

  4. This is a really beautiful design. Thinking ahead, I’m hoping to build a small wardrobe. Would this cabinet be a good basis to build a wardrobe?

  5. I watched the free drawer-making excerpt this morning—beautiful!— and was wondering why Paul chose to screw the drawer front on rather than lap-dovetail a single piece onto the drawer carcass. Does anyone happen to know? Thanks!

  6. I suspect that Paul has quit including plans for his projects which is extremely disappointing. I guess we could either live with it or complain more. Maybe someone will step up and start drawing plans for him.

  7. I’ve committed to my wife to build this. However, I’ll be building it in America, packing it in a well-cushioned box, and checking it as baggage on next year’s trip back to France. I’ll leave the dovetails unglued so it will come apart and lie flat.

  8. Hello,
    I don’t think anyone would be upset if you took a week or two off from video presentations to take the time to publish drawings. There are several projects since June 17th, 2022 that have no plans or cutting lists available. Though I enjoy the videos very much – we are paying, I’ve been led to believe, for the drawings that go along with these presentations.

    1. The problem is since June 2022 we have released 6 “big projects”. When we used to alternate between “big projects” and “small projects” we used to be able to have time to catch up on drawings, we haven’t given ourselves that time. We are prioritising high quality, larger projects at the expense of accompanying drawings but we will catch up on them.

  9. David and Mary, I have written directly to Paul on this shortcoming. Joseph has admitted he is way behind with proving these. I and I guess others don’t need detailed drawings or cutting lists, but a rough sketch to show the parts and layout should be incredibly easy.

  10. I agree with others that have suggested a break from video making if that’s what it takes to get caught up on drawings. At the very least, a basic cut list for the carcase would help most people get going on their own (a detailed drawing might not even be needed at that point). As yet an even more simple idea, posting the overall outer dimensions of each project on the info page description section would help. Paul may mention dimensions here or there in the videos, but seeking through the videos to try and find references to dimensions is not very practical. Thank you for your consideration!

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