1. Love to see the fully manual stock prep! Unfortunately I haven’t space for a bandsaw or tablesaw right now, so this is currently what I do for each project. I’m still fairly bad at this process and quite slow, so nice to see how a master does it and pick up some tricks! I mostly started doing this out of necessity, but I’m coming to really love the process.

  2. Thanks Paul. For making a scale drawing, are there any tricks that make it easier to do? Is there a special ruler you use? Is there a certain ratio size that works well for most furniture drawings? I don’t see much on this topic as compared to other woodworking topics.

    1. hi Joe,

      get an archtectural scale ruler and quadrule (1/4 in) graph paper. i mainly use 1/4 in = 1 foot (12 in), but the scale ruler allows for multiple scale choices. i’m sure that there are metric scale rulers and quadrule paper. a drafting board and triangles are also helpful (but not required)

      a high school drafting textbook (might be scarce these days) is also quite useful for drawing lessons.

      good luck


        1. Thanks Barry for the info. I was also poking around on the internet. Found one town over a local city college that teaches a non-computer based drafting class. Plan to take it. The also offer mill and lathe machine classes. Cost is either free or minimal (cost of a nice dinner out with the wife = semster’s cost for the class).

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