1. My guess is that it is not necessary since the frame prevents any tilting of the divider and the other side is never seen. That saves a small amount of time. Also it allows for planing to fit as Paul does, which wouldn’t be possible with shoulders on both sides.

  1. Do the screws holding the divider go through slots rather than holes to allow for movement of the bottom relative to the (long-grain) divider piece? Or is it enough just to use screws instead of glue?

  2. It seems that a couple of battens, taped or clamped to the inside of the carcass could have relieved a lot of the stress involved in keeping the router plane inside the lay-out lines. Maybe a plug in the mortise hole as well to prevent a slip that might blow out the front edge. It would be a shame to make a mistake now with all the hours invested in the existing pieces.

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