1. Finding unseen tear out with a light sanding is a great tip. I happened to do exactly this myself on a project I recently completed. The surface of the wood looked perfect to my eye after smoothing with a sharp plane, and it was only after I sanded a bit that I caught the problem. And It too was quickly solved with a bit of card scraping.

    This is a wonderful and worthwhile introductory project. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Paul for the tip on taking quarter width bites on the chisel as coming up on cross grain. I was working on a project not that long ago where I had that exact situation and didn’t know what to do (I switched to a coping saw then rasp). Next time I will have one more option. I can’t wait to start on this piece.


    Could not find my lead dolly ( used to beat and shape lead flashing)

    Thought of Paul….picked up a piece of 3×2″. Drew shape of dolly ….cut to rough shape with my sharp rip saw ( thanks to Paul)
    Then using a sharp vintage wooden spoke shave ( thanks to Paul)…shaped to perfect rounded tool.

    So it doesn’t have to be a shelf……its just following teaching…….and enjoying

    Thanks Paul

      1. I had a big IKEA dining table that was all made of solid wood… Pine.
        I bought it when IKEA was fairly new in the UK, (I’m pretty sure they started here in 1988…. I bought it in 1992).
        The top was about 1 1/2″ thick, it was round, and opened up to extend with two addition central leaves.

        It was still in really good shape when I sold it about 5 years ago, having got a new, Oak, table to fit in the new kitchen diner.

        IKEA did make some good stuff!


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