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Dovetail Boxes: Project Info

In this series Paul Sellers shows how to make a group of small but increasingly complex dovetail boxes. The first is a lidless chisel tray and then goes on to adapt the skills learned to make a sliding lid box and a fitted lid box.

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Coffee Table: Project Info

This series paves the way for multiple table forms and styles that furniture makers make in the everyday of life. Paul Sellers designed this as a new design specifically for training. This oak coffee table incorporates many Arts and Crafts features.

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Bookshelves: Project Info

Join us as we take our housing joints to the next level by making a Shaker inspired bookcase. It will also include a mortice and tenon back frame and a few options in some of the construction details.

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Craftsman-style Lamp: Project Info

Join Paul as he makes this craftsman inspired lamp. The main construction methods are mortices and tenons with grooving for the glass panels. Watch out for the techniques Paul uses to get accurate joinery on this fine project.

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