1. Norman,

    If you notice the only inch measurement called out is the height. The rest of the “measurements” are proportional and laid out as segments of the major dimension D. So the stool can be upsized or downsized to your own height I as preferred. Probably would be best used with full sized plans. I’ve not used this technique but can see its usefulness in a project such as this.

  2. I was watching the video so I could build a stool but I just do not understand the measuring system used(module key), I understand that there is one dimension shown 27.5 and if looking at D there are 5 D’s for that length, which means that each D is 5.5 but then I look at dimension for the seat depth it shows 4 parts of the length D and is only half which would mean to me that the depth is 11 but the measurement that Paul has here is 14. I don’t understand how that is. Please explain how to use the Module Key I want to make a smaller stool but have no idea what to do here about measurements. Any help please.


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