1. Paul or Joseph, take a look at the cutting list above. Both the rails as well as the top and bottom pieces are listed as 9 7/8 inches long. I think that is the length for the top and bottom, but not the rails.


  2. @michael177 you are quite that there is a seeming discrepancy here. However, the rails are cut to length only when the main frame is completed. This means that we need to give some measurement but cannot give a final one as this would just be confusing. So, we decided to give the same length as the top and bottom despite the fact that it is actually a couple of inches oversized. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. How far down from the top of the panel do you recommend cutting the hole for the clock insert? I already built one of these out of some scrap Cherry I had on hand. I placed the center of the hole 41/2″ from the bottom of the top rail. My wife thinks it should be more in the center. I think she needs to stay out of my woodshop.

    I am building another one out of highly figured hard Maple. It looks awesome, but I have not cut the hole for the clock insert just yet. I am waiting for the clock to arrive.


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