1. Thanks for this terrific new project, Paul. I was just wondering if I wanted to put two drawers in instead of one, would this compromise the strength of the front panel too much, necessitating a different construction?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I asked your question to Paul and his answer is below:

      No, you can use the same method, however there are different problems that might occur and you have to work out what they are.

      Kind Regards,

      1. Just as you started this build my dearest mother asked me for a bedside table. The only catch was, it couldnt have a lower cupboard, as the space directly beneath where it is to be placed is a doggie door. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I wish you had started this project 3 weeks ago. I’m just finishing a coffee table and I like the legs of this one much better for the size of the table.

    Well, I’ll just have to build another one. I do need some small table around the house.

    Side note: I so much want to make that chess board you did awhile back, but still don’t feel I have the ability yet. I thought that would have been an easy project until I watched you make it. Perhaps I will try it and put it in this table design.

  3. This looks like just the project I was looking for as an office computer desk/ office work area if it can be sized up to be about 25% wider. Is that structurally within the limits of the plans? Please comment on that during the course.
    Michael O.

  4. Nice project, but what makes something a console table? I looked it up and got something about a table supported by consoles which are supposed to be ornamented brackets with scrolls or corbels. But that is not what Paul is making here. I know other uses of “console,” e.g., the big cabinets that they put around televisions and radios when I was young, but that does not seem to apply to this case either. not important, but I am curious.

    1. In most stores here (Canada) a console table is a hallway/entryway table meant to be set against a wall in a hallway, or, sometimes, a sofa table. Probably ornamented in olden days, but I see the word used more in relation to function (i.e. used as an accent table) rather than form.

      1. Thanks Selva! I guess the pictures I saw when I did a search fit that explanation pretty well. This suggests that at least some of the original meaning (consoles as involving corbels etc) got left behind at some point.

    1. Paul, the table is very nice, clean design. I have one question if I may; the taper on top of the edge of the table, I’ve seen the taper or bevel on the bottom, usually to lighten the look of the top. I find it eye catching and compelling. I don’t remember seeing it before.

      1. It’s a very nice look, however… I built a desk for my wife several years ago with a beveled edge like that. I was looking for a ‘ramp’ for her arms when resting from the keyboard. Works fine for that, but the downside is that anything inadvertently placed on the bevel ends up on the floor.

  5. I’ve been working the last few days on the small table that you built. I’m almost ready for t he glue up and now I can’t wait to build this new one also. It’s a beautiful table and I’m very grateful that you are going to share it with us.

    1. Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for your comment.

      For a premium members, a new project episode is released every Wednesday, Console Table Episode 1 will be released tomorrow. To get notifications for these you can change your notification preferences to receive an email to alert you to a new episode.

      Kind Regards,

  6. Hello there, I know this project does not include it but I am really hoping for one that will show Paul’s technique for cock beading around drawer fronts. I built the tool cupboard and although the videos did not show it, the final cupboard has the drawers and door panels cock beaded. I assume that this detail can be added after completion. Thanks for another great project here.

  7. Hello John

    Paul referred to cock beading when he built his mahogany Toolchest. There was a promise that it would be covered in a future video. I have not seen it come up. I too want to add cock beading to a project of mine and hope Paul decides to be included before too long. Fingers crossed! Jae

  8. Are there any guidelines on scaling this design? In particular, if the drawer is omitted, can the legs be narrowed? (By ~1/2″.) Can the rail height be reduced? (~3/8″.) Assuming the other dimensions are the same….

    I’m willing to suck it and see, but it’s probably obvious to you experienced guys whether this design is already at its limits. Thanks for any insights,


  9. Hi, just wondering if you’d have any thoughts on how narrow (front to back) this could be without bumping into issues in either design or practical ones?!
    I’ve got a piece of 40mm thick 270mm deep Oak that I’m thinking about using for a hall table, but I’m not experienced enough to picture this table that narrow or with a top that thick.

  10. Hi Paul,
    For making a drawer in a table like this, how do you prevent the drawer from hanging down as it comes out? I mean, I see the drawer slides for the bottom of the drawer, but I don’t see any slides supporting it coming out parallel along the top of the drawer. Is that something you might, for example, add for a slightly bigger drawer carrying heavier items?
    Tom Wright

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