1. Quite to the contrary, the video quality has only increased over time. Newer episodes have up to 4K resolution available which is incredible. Don’t know whether its native 4K or upscaled, but the quality I get is excellent even at 720p.

      That said, streaming data rate depends on the network and most browsers automatically adjusts the quality to match the rate at which data comes in. You could change that by choosing a fixed resolution (usually by clicking the cog wheel at right/bottom of the video). But if the bandwidth is not enough you will get frequent pauses for buffering. I would say, check your network — or it could be a temporary issue, try again.

  1. The video streamed fine for me, too bad you’ve chosen to jump to a conclusion so quickly, I hope you will be as quick to apologise when you find the problem was at your end.

    A happy subscriber,


  2. Hello guys,

    What is the model/number of the Liogier rasp used by Paul in this episode 2? I think it is a cabinet rasp numer 9, 30 mm long, but I’m not sure.
    I would like to put it into my wishlist for Santa.
    Thanks in advance,


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