1. A Suggestion, please.
    It seems that with many video producers nowadays think there is a need to insert distracting background music with the dialogue, which does not help the observer/ listener clearly hear the dialogue. If one is hearing impaired like me with tinnitus and who uses hearing aids, it is even more difficult to hear what Paul is saying clearly as one’s hearing is constantly switching between the dialogue and the music. So I humbly ask that you limit any background music to those Nature scenes and such which do not Paul’s always informative dialogue.
    Thank you.
    I do like the new corner desk piece, thanks Paul.
    Michael O’Brien

    1. Thankfully our video producer doesn’t think like that! She knows how important it is to hear Paul’s voice so you can follow along without distractions. While we think a bit of music can enhance things we try to keep this to a minimum and make sure the focus is on the dialogue. An exception was made for the introduction video where there was more background music but this is not the usual template for our weekly videos. We appreciate your feedback and will bear viewers like yourself in mind when we make these decisions.

  2. Thanks Paul. Looking at this made me think of something. There are some styles of furniture, curio cabinets as one example, that sit into a corner of a room. As such, the back and shelf layout requires a different type of construction. I would love to see one such example in the Paul Sellers home series. I don’t think any of the projects you have made in the master class series have ever been to sit in a corner. Just a thought. Sincerely, Joe.

    1. Hi Dean, Larry,
      I just watched the corner cupboard. Perfect for what I want. I will be definitely making one nearly to the size he did his. My wife has wanted a corner cupboard for quite some time and this will work quite nicely. Thanks for suggesting it.

  3. I’ve been a long time subscriber and intend to continue as I think this is the best money I’ve ever spent on woodworking. I would love to see what Paul would do building a free standing coat/hat tree for the Seller home. Keep up the good work!

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