1. I was interested to see that Paul didn’t leave horns on the ends of the stiles in these frames. In previous projects he’s talked about the value of leaving horns to make it easier to disassemble the frame during construction without damaging the wood. I’m assuming it’s because these are small frames so he doesn’t see it as necessary. Is that correct? Or is related to how soft the material is (and, therefore, subject to dents). Appreciate any guidance Paul has on this. Thanks.

  2. Every single project something new. Basics there for new members and gems for others. We even have to listen carefully for some of them, just briefly slipped in without fanfare. Paul you really are one of the most gifted educators on youtube.
    Thank you.

  3. It’s interesting seeing all the comments about people’s dislike of some of the new intros, dubbed sequences and music choices.

    Personally I’m really enjoying the whole Sellers Home series for its variation from the previous styles. Really like the sequences at the beginning just watching Paul do his thing, reminding us of all that prep work that goes on before layout.

    Great series.

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