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I thought it worth a little recap of the latest free tool and technique videos from the past few months, for anyone who missed them.

Making and using a wooden spokeshave was a great combo of videos designed to give everyone the opportunity to use these wonderful and versatile tools.


The sharpening plate holder is the cornerstone of Paul’s sharpening system, keeping the stones ever ready and ordered ready for the day to day of sharpening.


Paul’s mortise and tenon technique is something that he has been developing for years. It is a complete system for making super accurate mortise and tenon joinery that we used in our latest paid project on making a bedside table here.


As far as upcoming videos, we are continuing with our bi-weekly release of the new workbench series, as well as a couple of other videos on making a few variations of the bridle joint. Hopefully you have been enjoying following along with the workbench series. We look forward to seeing pictures of your benches in the gallery.


That’s it for this update. Many thanks from the whole team,

Phil Adams

Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses


  1. mikeier on 25 November 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Hello And thank you for helping me start my woodworking adventure/journey. I am trying to locate the the site to enter the plane give away. Can you help me?

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