Trees for the Future

By Joseph Sellers | 10 November 2016

Everyone needs trees but the link between woodworkers and trees is more apparent than general and, perhaps, even more important. The thing is, most trees take a very long time to grow so it takes a special kind of care for the future to take the time to plant trees. We enjoy the harvest from…

Website Housekeeping

By Mark Hawkins | 11 August 2016

I am carrying out a small tidy-up on the Tools and Techniques page today to make it a little less cluttered. This means some of the videos from months gone by might pop up again on the Latest Projects and Activity sections of the front page. So, if you see a familiar-looking video crop up unexpectedly, it…

Introducing the Wall Hung Tool Cabinet

By Resi Tomat | 24 November 2015

[restrict message=”Log in to download this video.“] [toggle title=”Download the files”] Introducing the Wall Hung Tool Cabinet 360p Introducing the Wall Hung Tool Cabinet 720p [/toggle] [/restrict] It’s great to hear how many of you have been getting your creative workspaces up and running so you  can get woodworking. Maybe you want somewhere to keep…

EU VAT and Invoices

By Joseph Sellers | 30 December 2014

The look of our receipt/invoice is changing This is just a quick notice to let you know that the design of our invoices will be changing from 1 January 2015. We know that many of you are savvy and cautious when it comes to online payments so we just wanted you to know that this change is…

Drawings – An addition to Woodworking Masterclasses

By Joseph Sellers | 23 March 2014

We work to make our videos as clear as possible and we think we do a good job of that. However, sometimes it can be difficult to note down sizes and memorise configurations so that you can easily take them into the shop and build a project. We looked at how we could bridge this…

Video with some small Christmas projects

By Paul Sellers | 20 December 2013

A week or so ago I posted in a three-hand tool gift set as an introduction to woodworking for someone you know and you want to get them started. Here are four projects with three tools in a 30 minute video to watch with the kids and the grandkids that are quick and simple as something to do over…

Workshop Tour

By Joseph Sellers | 4 November 2013

Did you think we were done celebrating? We want to show you a little bit more of the workshop where the videos are filmed. Enjoy!   Feel free to ask questions and we will try to answer them.

Our First Year – Thank You!

By Joseph Sellers | 1 November 2013

It’s been a year It was a year today that I posted the first video to this website. It wasn’t a particularly new venture, in many ways it was quite an old one. Paul, my dad, has been teaching woodworking for decades. The classes that we were booking were filling and much of the interest…

Introducing Phil

By Joseph Sellers | 13 August 2013

This website was launched nine months ago as an experiment. We wanted to see whether we could really help to train people using online videos as a medium. It has developed and grown in some great and unexpected ways. Along the way many of the members have acknowledged the fact that there must be more…

Buying oak in the UK? Consider ebay first!

By Paul Sellers | 23 February 2013

I just posted a blog on this on the blog here because I thought it might be helpful to anyone and we should consoder splitting larger quantities between ourselves if that helps.